Satisfied Customer
Chicago, Illinois
I bought three cans of Tyre Grip last winter and could not believe how wonderfully it performed! My suburb, northwest of Chicago, got hit with a large amount of snow but Tyre Grip kept my car from fishtailing and boosted my confidence every time I got behind the wheel in foul weather. A terrific product! I’m buying several cans this year for Christmas stocking stuffers!
Kathleen Arof
Help! Might be too late (for now, but) need if possible location of retail source of Tyre-Grip in Seattle area (especially East Side area, including Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue). Used it for first time (old Red Top can I found semi-hidden in back of car. Think I purchased it couple years ago from catalog) in yesterday’s snow/ice storm here and it performed Very Well, indeed. We drove up a slippery hill, past big pile-up and multiple chained-up vehicles that seemed unable to proceed. Alas, old red top can spray mechanism clogged despite our spraying upside-down after use. Might be because we kept it in (cold!) car???At any rate, can you advise re retail source near me? Thanks!
Jon Hahn
Woodinville, WA
I live in Essex and have been driving for a living for over 30 years, so have had a lot of experience in bad weather conditions, to date I drive 44 ton fuel tankers… We had some bad snow and I had already purchased some snow chains and thought I would give them a go. They were brilliant and I could get up hills that most couldnt. But there is a downside, once you hit a clear road you really should remove them, which is a pain if you are going back into snow within a few mins. I was just searching to see if there was anything else that could be used and came accross tyre grip. Well Ill give that a try and ordered a tin. By now my road was sheet ice. I had taken off the chains and had to go out. I left home and came to an upward slope in the road. A little way up the tyres lost traction, even by selecting a higher gear no luck. I tried to roll back then attack it again with no luck and the vehicle sliding a little sideways. I finally reversed and turned to find another way out. I did this ok. when I got home tyre grip had arrived. Right I thought Im gonna give this a try now. I sprayed it on my two front tyres and waited a few minutes. I felt that seeing as it is only a front wheel drive, they are the ones that need it most and it will last longer. So off to that slope, I must admit it did feel that traction was better , but was I just imagining this? Onto the slope and traction had improved. Half way Up I decided to stop and try to pull away. NOPE it would not work.. but we must realise this is sheet ice not just snow. I rolled back selected a higher gear and off again, yaaaaaayyy no problem whatsoever it went straight up the slope. So from this there is a definate improvement. There was no way I could get up there before without this spray. Now all these things are tools to help with your problem. If used correctly and with correct driving techniques it definatly works. Chains are great but you get a rumble, they can damage tyres, and you have to take them on and off for different changes in road conditions. This stuff takes five mins to put on, no cold chains burning your hands due to the cold, no tyre damage and although it wears off when back on dry roads, it doesnt take long to use the spray and get more traction if needed . A bonus is that you can spray it onto the bottom of your boots to aid in grip to. That weather is expected back again :-(, If this does happen, I will test in snow and put up results. So thumbs up so far, If traction can be improved on ice then other surfaces should be a breeze right ? I have already been recommending this to friends.
England, UK
The best stuff! I had to use it this morning after getting 18 inches of snow. Even with 4-wheel drive, I couldn’t get out of my driveway until I remembered I had this and tried it. Got right out, yea!!!! I will be ordering more.
Sharon Briggman
Flagstaff, Arizona
I live in one of the coldest spots in the nation. I must drive a very icy 20-mile stretch each day and once a week…over a very icy, dangerous summit, Last year (armed with two cans of Tyre-Grip), I drove the 87 miles to Sun Valley and upon returning really got to experience why every car should be required to have Tyre Grip with them during winter. As I approached Galena Summit Peak and was about to begin the descent, someone on the side of the road motioned for me to pull over. I did and looked down toward the descent. Six cars and trucks had attempted to drive down the ice-packed road and had swerved off to avoid crashing through the highway barriers and dropping off the side of the summit. I sprayed Tyre-Grip like crazy on my tires and then began down. I never had a problem and in fact pulled over after making it past the icy section and hiked up and sprayed all the other cars and trucks that had slid off the road. They were all amazed and asked why it wasn’t sold at all gas stations. You guys should pass out a few cans to highway patrol and EMT workers around areas like ours. In fact, it should be sold at all gas stations. Great stuff, guys. There are two things I always have before the first snows…firewood and Tyre-Grip. LOVE YOU FOLKS!
Leilani Jones
Stanely, Idaho
Just wanted to share with you the other use I found for your Tyre-Grip™. We live in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and today we were getting snow since very early morning. About 1 PM, we had about 6" with another possible 4" expected by early evening. I used my snow blower several times in the morning alone. But this was a heavy, wet snow and the tires can slip a lot, so there is a lot more pushing on my part. There are chains available for these snow blowers, which we don't have. My wife said, "Why don't you try that Tyre-Grip we used for the van." Well, I did, and let me tell you it worked great! I feel that it improved the tire traction by at least 60%. I'm 67 years young and it did help the snow blower move along at a good pace. You have a great product, and you can count on me to pass this info along to family and friends.
John Bauer
Arlington Heights, Illinois
I live in Madison, Wisconsin and ordered 4 cans of Tyre-Grip in order to give the product a try. The all-season tires on my car are in moderate condition, but since the lease on my car is up in 2 months I didn’t want to invest in a brand new set. The tires are OK for rain and plowed roads, but not being caught in the middle of a blizzard. My hope was that a few cans of Tyre Grip could get me through the winter season. I’m a healthy skeptic, but I was really impressed with how well the product works. The first time I tried it, we had freezing rain and then about 2-3 inches of snow. The roads were in tough shape and the commute home was treacherous. I sincerely had very little trouble with my tires skidding or slipping. It almost feels like I’m driving with snow tires. Then with our subsequent snowfalls I’ve had the opportunity to drive in freezing slush and dry powdered snow, and Tyre Grip works well in all types of winter precipitation. I’ve given a can to my girlfriend and I’m giving a can to a friend because he has to pick up his daughter in Milwaukee and we’re expecting 8-13 inches of snow!!! Great product!
Scott Kohl