No more slipping, sliding or shuffling your feet to stay upright on slippery surfaces! Revolutionary Shoe Grip is designed for pedestrians to walk with ease and self-assurance on snowy, wet or icy driveways, sidewalks, stairs and streets. Put your best foot forward with Shoe Grip!

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Key Benefits

  • Same dynamic anti-slip properties as Tyre-Grip™!
  • Dramatically reduces dangers of slipping on ice and snow!
  • Specially designed nozzle sprays targeted area without waste!
  • Harmless to leather or rubber!
  • Non-hazardous ingredients!
  • Spray Shoe Grip on soles of shoes, let dry, and GO!
  • Available in recyclable 5 oz. aluminum can for easy storage!


  1. Shake Can well.
  2. Spray the bottom soles of your footwear evenly
  3. Allow to dry 1 to 3 minutes
  4. Walk more confidently on slippery surfaces
  5. Re-apply as needed



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