Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive is a natural resin dissolved in isopropanol.

When sprayed onto the tires, the isopropanol evaporates, cleans the tire tread of road grime and then leaves a thin layer of resin on the tire surface, improving adhesion, road grip and mobility.

The resin layer is barely a millimeter thick and will gradually wear off during use – particularly so when driving back on bare pavement, so that under normal conditions steering.

Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive has been shown to retain some of its effectiveness for up to 50 miles (80.4 kilometers) on snowbound road surfaces. Effectiveness wears off more quickly on rough, patchy ice and snow.

No adverse effects have been observed in exhaustive testing by leading tire manufacturers.

No. Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive works well on worn tires but newer tires also benefit from the extra tread.

No, because eventually the resin will wear off. It is not suggested to spray an excessive amount of Tyre-Grip on the tires due to a longer drying time.

Generally speaking, this is not advisable since freshly applied Tyre-Grip™ works much better.

Just two to three minutes after spraying your tires you are ready to travel with your mind at ease.

Front, rear and four-wheel drive cars should have all four tires sprayed.

One Tyre-Grip™ can gives up to 15-20 applications on front, rear or four-wheel drive cars. Applications may vary depending on the size of the tires.

By an amazing three times normal on wet (or black) ice at around +3°C (37.4°F) – when road conditions are the most slippery!

A can will last indefinitely, provided it is not kept in a damp atmosphere which will allow it to corrode from the outside in.

No. Being a natural resin product, it is non-corrosive and does not have any harmful effects in this respect.
Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive uses only ozone friendly gasses as propellants.

The services of R. D. Jablonsky, Inc. (Certified Professional Safety Engineer, State of CA.) was retained to test Tyre-Grip here in the U. S. and he wrote: “The initial assignment for Triangle Associates was to perform a series of engineering tests to support the claims that Tyre-Grip would provide traction on snow and ice exceeding that of other devices. The preliminary investigative study demonstrated that thorough scientific engineering research; development and field-testing had been completed more than ten (10) years ago by the Norwegian State Technological Institute. Their scientific work more than adequately supports the claims for Tyre-Grip. Thus, the need for further tests was deemed unnecessary and replaced by the task of acquainting the various state agencies with Tyre-Grip as a highly cost effective method of providing snow and icy traction improvements.” Link Norwegian Docs.

The product is also recommended for use on motorbike and bicycle tires. Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive may also be applied to rubber boots or rubber soled shoes for safer walking on snow and ice.

Immediately wipe off with a soft rag or tissue dipped in methylated spirits or some other similar commercial solvent. Or apply 1-3 drops of peanut oil directly to the area, rub, and remove with a clean cloth.

It is sold Turkey, France, USA and Canada.
– Many years of careful research have gone into formulating just the right blend of natural resins. This blend remains stable and effective in solution at all temperatures. – Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive was developed in Norway as an alternative to spiked winter tires, which cause considerable pollution and heavy damage to road surfaces. – The use of Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive will help to reduce the number of accidents and deaths caused every winter by the sudden lack of adhesion on slippery ice- and snow-covered roads.

In the trunk of the car along with other winter aids such as de-icier, scrapers, snow brush, etc.

Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive was first marketed in Norway in 1985/86. Earlier less efficient ‘chemical’ versions of the product appeared previously from time to time, and no doubt cheap and ineffective imitations will appear in the future! So, for safety always insist on the original, high-tech Tyre-Grip™ Snow & Ice Adhesive!!

Nothing can act as a substitute for careful use of the brakes, accelerator, clutch and steering wheel- but Tyre-Grip™ can play an important role in improving road grip in difficult conditions.