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Tyre-Grip™ Traction Comparisons Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on resin suspended in isopropanol that adheres to your tire treads and enhances traction. Specifically, it cleans your tire treads and leaves a thin resin layer on the tire’s surface, preventing snow and ice buildup. Studies have shown that using Tyre-Grip™ increases your tires’ traction by an incredible 300 percent, compared to tires without Tyre-Grip. If you regularly drive in conditions that are less than optimal, keeping a can of Tyre-Grip™ in your car is a great idea. You never know when weather patterns may change, making driving unsafe. Tyre-Grip™ can help you drive safely through roads with black ice and rainy, wet conditions. The traction alternatives to Tyre-Grip™ can be as dangerous to your car as the conditions you’re trying to avoid. Chains give your drive train quite a rattle and can have lasting effects on both the train and your shocks. Purchasing snow chains is also a great inconvenience. Chains aren’t one-size-fits-all: they are sized to fit your tires, so if you have a sedan and an SUV, you’ll need to purchase two separate sets of chains. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing snow tires, but they are inconvenient for the same reason (not to mention expensive!). It can also be very inconvenient to have to change the tires every year yourself when the weather becomes forbidding. Yet another option is purchasing studded tires (the idea being that less rubber is in contact with the road, giving you more traction). However, tire studs cause a great deal of road damage, and some states forbid their use during spring, summer, and fall. Tire studs also increase the stopping distance needed when conditions are wet and rainy. Tyre-Grip™, on the other hand, is remarkably easy to use. It forms a thin film over your tires but has just as pronounced an effect on traction. We at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™ not just for tires. The adhesive, traction-enhancing effects of Tyre-Grip™ can also be used on the soles of shoes as well as on tires. Shoe-Grip™ works using the same technology as Tyre-Grip™, and helps you move about with confidence regardless of the presence of snow and ice.