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Snow Chains Snow chains are one of the oldest methods for increasing traction on slippery road surfaces in use today. They do a pretty good job of increasing traction, but they have a number of serious disadvantages that increasingly make their use impractical. That’s why we at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™, a traction alternative without the drawbacks of chains. The Problems of Snow Chains Snow chains do make inclement conditions a bit safer to traverse, but this traction comes at a price. First, snow chains take a toll on the drive train and the suspension. The vibration can be very damaging to both and is incredibly uncomfortable to sit through. Even worse, snow chains are prohibited in many cities and states, and some auto manufacturers will expressly void warranties if snow chains are used on certain cars. Snow chains do a lot of damage to road surfaces, and some potholes and cracks can be attributed to their use. This has led to a ban on their use in some states and cities. The drive trains on hybrid cars are also too sensitive for their use, further limiting your options. In some cases, the only alternative for drivers is to use a product like Tyre-Grip™. One of the best reasons to avoid buying snow chains is simply to avoid the cost. Snow chains aren’t cheap, and the truth is that each size of chains will only fit a particular size of tire. If you have an SUV and a sports car, you’ll need to buy chains for each. With Tyre-Grip™, you can protect both cars without having to double your expense. Tyre-Grip™ is easily one of the best traction alternatives to snow chains on the market today. Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on solution that removes dirt and grime buildup on your tires, coating them with a thin resin layer that then prevents snow and ice from accumulating on your tires. Using Tyre-Grip™ can increase your tires’ traction by an amazing 300 percent. Each adhesive application is capable of providing nearly 50 miles of improved traction and is safe to use on any road surface.