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No Slip Many people don’t think about their tires every time they get in their car, but the unfortunate truth is that many accidents are caused by a loss of traction from worn treads or inclement road conditions. This problem is particularly serious in those states and cities that face harsh winter weather that creates icy, slippery conditions. We at Triangle Associates work to reduce the danger of such conditions by offering Tyre-Grip™, a powerful traction device that is safe to use on any car, anywhere. We’ve all had to be very clever when it comes to dealing with adverse road conditions. First were the snowplows, and then came the salt trucks. These combine to create a fairly effective method of keeping the roads clear, but they aren’t foolproof. Even worse, these two measures can do a pretty impressive amount of damage to a road surface, which then translates to damage to your car. Anyone who lives in a major metropolitan area can tell you how big some potholes can be! Using Tyre-Grip™ won’t eliminate the potholes, but we can assure you that it will help pick up the slack where the plow and the salt truck fail! Tyre-Grip™’s Impressive Traction Data Tyre-Grip™ has been rigorously tested in several laboratory and practical studies and has been found to increase the traction of a tire by as much as three times its original specification. The Norwegian State Institute of Technology performed a series of exhaustive tests and found the 300 percent increase in traction to be uniform across tire designs. This means that regardless of the car you drive or the tires you ride on, Tyre-Grip™ is sure to give you the no-slip surface you need when the snow is falling. Not only does Tyre-Grip™ clean your tire of grime buildup, but it also protects your tire with a thin resin layer that keeps snow or ice from accumulating and decreasing traction. We at Triangle Associates also offer a no-slip product for surfaces other than tires. Shoe-Grip™ is great for helping navigate on ice and snow while you walk from your car to your office. It offers the same no-slip benefits as Tyre-Grip™ and is as effective on any shoe tread as it is on tires.