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Road Safety Our nation’s road and highway infrastructure is important for letting us get from school to work to home, but safety is always of the highest importance. Traffic accidents still cause among the highest injury and death rates in the nation. It is for this fact alone that traction and no-slip products continue to be a top seller, especially in those regions where inclement weather and adverse road conditions are the norm and not the exception. We here at Triangle Associates have made it our business to offer Tyre-Grip™, a traction product powerful enough for any road condition. Anyone who lives where there’s the constant threat of rain of snow can tell you that driving in such weather can be stressful. There’s the constant threat of losing control of your vehicle if you don’t have adequate traction. This makes traction one of the top road safety concerns. Fortunately, Tyre-Grip™ addresses these concerns with flying colors. Here’s how it works: it cleans your tire, removing it of dirt and grime that has accumulated. Next, it coats your tire with a thin, protective layer that prevents ice or snow from building up. For anyone who drives commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or participates in a carpool, keeping Tyre-Grip™ on hand is a smart idea. Using Tyre-Grip™ when the Road Is Slick Snow chains are one of the dominant forms of traction devices, but that doesn’t make their use easy, or even legal. While they can be effective, they also face stiff regulations in most states, and are even banned from use in a number of metropolitan areas. Tyre-Grip™ is an incredible alternative to snow chains, offering an increase in traction that studies have shown to be as much as three times that of normal road grip. Tyre-Grip™ uses natural resins which are sprayed onto the tire treads. A thin film is all that is needed to increase road traction, and its benefits will last for nearly 50 miles of continuous use. It can be reapplied as needed and is completely safe to use regardless of tire condition. Tyre-Grip™ is also safe for the exterior of the car and poses no threat to paint jobs or chrome.