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Tire Adhesive Even the best tires can sometimes have a traction problem if the road’s surface is wet, icy, or covered in snow. The problem is only exacerbated if your tires are getting old and the treads are beginning to wear. Poor traction is a major cause of road accidents, so reinforcing their ability to grip the road is important. That’s why we at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™, a revolutionary new traction control product that is guaranteed to enhance your ability to stay on the road. Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on solution that dramatically increases the traction of your tires. When sprayed on, it cleans the tire treads by removing accumulated dust and road grime. It then leaves a thin layer on the surface of the tires, preventing snow or ice from building up and decreasing traction. It works on any pavement or road surface and is safe to use on any tire. Tyre-Grip™ Statistics Snow chains do improve traction somewhat in snow and ice conditions, but they are not foolproof and can slip just as easily as tires without chains. Worse, they are illegal on some surfaces and in some states because of the threat they pose to the road itself. Tyre-Grip™, on the other hand, has absolutely no adverse effects on the road. Tyre-Grip™ shows a traction increase of up to three times as much as a regular tire. That kind of increase is unmatched by other traction control devices and costs a fraction of what others do. You could spend hundreds of dollars on snow chains and still not have the same level of protection against a loss of traction as you would with Tyre-Grip™.