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Road Construction Road construction has evolved a lot in the last 30 years. The introduction of asphalt as the primary road surface in use has played a major role in the reduction of traffic accidents, thanks to an increase in traction, but there is still more that could be done. That’s why Triangle Associates offers Tyre-Grip™ to people who want to make their car even safer. Dealing with Adverse Road Conditions Even with the improvements to road design, the potential for accidents is still very real. Inclement weather provides one of the top reasons for dangerous road conditions, although even in good weather there is the danger of a loss of traction. Police cars and other emergency vehicles in particular can’t risk that danger. Tyre-Grip™ is a powerful traction control device that can be sprayed directly onto your tires. First, Tyre-Grip™ removes dirt and grime buildup on your tires; next, the natural resin leaves a thin, protective layer on the tire’s surface that improves adhesion, road grip, and mobility. Tyre-Grip™ lasts for many miles of continuous use before needing reapplication, too. Older concrete roads are still in use in many areas, but they can feature treacherous traction problems, particularly at higher speeds. In areas where concrete roads are still prevalent, Tyre-Grip™ can give you the assurance you need to navigate successfully through potentially hazardous conditions. Tyre-Grip™ works well regardless of the surface upon which you’re traveling.